My name is Maria.
I am a Freelance Web Designer and Developer­čĺ╗

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Planning on launching or redesigning an e-commerce, corporate, or personal website? I thoughtfully create the design that solves your business problems, and I take care of all the technical nuances during development.

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I help my clients increase revenue, expand brand awareness and earn happier customers

Web Design

Creation of an appealing, user-centered, and sales-driven design for your website


Development of the website on such platfroms as Shopify, Squarespace, Wix or Webflow


Creating animations and interactions on the website, that enhance user experiences


I oversee all of the interactions between users and the software, and all aspects of the visual design


Meet amazing companies I have had a chance to design and develop for


Helping people to to connect with their audience in 10+ countries


My projects  range from small startups to medium-sized businesses. Whether you need to create a website from scratch or convert your existing design into fully functioning website, I can help

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