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Reviving time-proven remedies for modern healing, MyMagicHealer crafts natural salves to alleviate skin woes and promote healing. A homemade salve, recommended by a retired surgeon, inspired the creation of MyMagicHealer.


Visual Elements and Design Direction: With the brand identity defined, we proceeded to develop a comprehensive set of visual elements, including a refined color palette, typography system, and imagery guidelines.

Creation of Brand Assets: As part of the revamp, we created a suite of brand assets to be used across various touchpoints, including the website, marketing collateral, and product packaging.

Mobile first: According to Shopify statistics, 94% of people shop from their phone, so we designed all the pages with a mobile-first approach.

A/B testing: A/B tests were conducted to better the website conversion and landing pages conversion.

Results of the quantitative research (respondents were 48 people from Canada and the USA):

The main concern was from women who have tried multiple remedies but nothing worked for them:


We restructured the website based on recorded sessions in Microsoft Clarity to clarify product differentiation for clients. Our main focus was on the homepage, as users were specifically leaving that page. We added video content and user-generated content (UGC) to bolster the reliability of the brand. Additionally, we displayed product grids and added categories. We also ensured that the 'About Us' page and product pages were clear, contained CTAs, and followed a logical narrative.

Visual Style

Our next step involved crafting a robust suite of visual elements. This encompassed a meticulously curated color palette, a sophisticated typography system, and precise guidelines for imagery. Our focus lay in choosing colors and fonts that exuded authority and instilled trust, yet seamlessly integrated subtle touches of warmth and approachability, ensuring a consistently welcoming tone throughout. Each bright color correspond to the jars colors of the brand.


I worked closely with marketing team, we were studying data from Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity.

We studied users behaviour and feedback, and found out specific types of questions and issues users had before buying the skin healing product. We added sections that address their scepticism, more social proof and benefits of the product compared to other products on the market.


In the conclusion, the website that used to convert 18% is now converting 23%, has a consistent visual style, and explains the value of the product. We improved customer retention rate to be 27% and explored new ways of promoting the product.


After this project I got a more profound understanding of the target audience of MMH, the reasons of their scepticism, the ways to deal with it with social proof and open communication.

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