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About the project

Reviving time-proven remedies for modern healing, MyMagicHealer crafts natural salves to alleviate skin woes and promote healing. A homemade salve, recommended by a retired surgeon, inspired the creation of MyMagicHealer.

The challenge &
The solution

Collaborating with the marketing team and a creative director, we revamped the brand's visual identity to convey a professional medical aesthetic, emphasizing the product's strong medical foundation supported by research. This transformation aimed to effectively communicate the product's medical background to our customers.

To improve the design, I focused on following areas:

Visual Elements and Design Direction: With the brand identity defined, we proceeded to develop a comprehensive set of visual elements, including a refined color palette, typography system, and imagery guidelines. Emphasis was placed on selecting colors and typography that conveyed a sense of authority and credibility, while also incorporating subtle hints of warmth and approachability to maintain a welcoming tone.

Creation of Brand Assets:  As part of the revamp, we created a suite of brand assets to be used across various touchpoints, including the website, marketing collateral, and product packaging. These assets were meticulously crafted to reflect the brand's newfound identity, with particular attention paid to consistency and coherence in design execution.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaboration was key to the success of the project, with regular communication and feedback loops established between the design team, marketing department, and creative director. This interdisciplinary approach fostered creativity, promoted alignment, and ultimately resulted in a cohesive and impactful brand identity transformation.

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