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The previous design concept of Fyne lacked clarity and failed to highlight the value proposition of Fyne's services, resulting in user disengagement and missed growth opportunities for businesses.


Streamlined Navigation: By reorganizing the menu structure and implementing intuitive dropdowns, users can now effortlessly explore Fyne's offerings.

Visual Hierarchy: I highlighted Fyne's unique selling points and the benefits they bring to businesses.

User-Friendly Interface: I prioritized creating a user-friendly interface that encourages interaction and instills confidence in visitors. Intuitive forms, interactive elements, and straightforward navigation pathways contribute to a frictionless browsing experience.

Results of competitors analysis:


I researched target audience to understand potential customers and their problems. This played a huge role in changing key aspects in previous design and making the structure that answers question of this new potential user.

Visual Style

We selected a strict palette but added warm accents to highlight the reliability of the brand and foster warm, trusting relationships with clients.


A clear and structured website that is easy to navigate and use:


Significant improvements were gained in clarity of communication, leading to tangible business results for small and medium business owners. The streamlined navigation structure ensured that visitors could easily access relevant information about Fyne's services, leading to increased exploration and interest in their offerings. By enhancing the visual hierarchy, users could better understand Fyne's unique selling points and the value they provide to businesses, fostering a deeper appreciation for their solutions. The creation of a user-friendly interface instilled trust and confidence among visitors, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and business growth opportunities for Fyne and its clients.

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