About the brand

An e-commerce platform and a blog about acne-prone skin created by Roz Banoo. Roz is a skincare enthusiast who has extensive personal experience in the field and aims to share knowledge and provide support to people who suffer from acne.

The challenge & The solution

Bānuskin is a website created from scratch. We needed to develop a content-rich website while ensuring a minimalistic, elegant, and seamless design. Additionally, important features such as community pages and ingredient search needed to be incorporated. After analyzing the market and our competitors, we determined a suitable style for the project. An integral part of this process was conducting photography research, as our goal was to showcase real, unretouched skin with acne on actual individuals. The development was carried out using Wix, and we found a solution for creating an ingredients search by integrating Google Sheets with the platform. This allows for easy data updates in the sheets, which will automatically reflect on the website. For the community we used Wix Forum feature and created relevant discussion topics.

3 months
web design
tables integration
Banuskin e-commerce
Banuskin e-commerce
Banuskin e-commerce
Banuskin e-commerce

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I help businesses to communicate successfully with their audience through their websites. I thoughtfully create the design that solves your business problems and looks great at the same time. I take care of all the technical nuances when developing as well.

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